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I walked into the living room and she was sitting on the couch, she looked embarrassed and I said hi to try and lighten the mood. She told me she was ...orry and didn't realize anyone would be home so soon. I told her it was ok and she shouldn't be embarrassed, everyone needs a little relief. She was wearing a long tee-shirt and all I could think about was if she was wearing panties and if her cunt was still wet with her cum. She said I can't believe you heard me masterbating, it's so. I had never really seen a shaved pussy in person, so I found my self staring. Cindy said “I’m glad you like what you see. Come over here.” while directing me over with a sensual finger. I walked over to Cindy and she told me to kneel down. She then directed my head between her legs and I began to lick her pussy. I was soon aware that she was as excited about this as I was. Her pussy was very juicy and the heat coming from her was intense. I have always loved eating pussy, so I took a good long. " Yes that's quite nice. Something I could get used to. At least I now see why you wanted it so much" You've had your Spunk now time for home and my Piss to help you digest it fully when we get there"."You performed very well, I am very impressed. Before you Wife goes to the car, why don't you get down on your knees and give her very moist Cunt a quick tonguing as your reward. I believe that the future may hold a few more exciting rewards for you if you continue to follow instruction so well".. Of course I accepted. One thing I forgot to mention is that even though I was dating several girls, I had not gotten off in several weeks. I was dying. We sat on her living room couch and immediately started making out. I started rubbing her legs, inching my way up until I was inside her shorts. Since she didn't stop me, I assumed she wanted more. But I couldn't take my mind off her breasts. I started to rub them on the outside of her shirt, and then went up her shirt and rubbed them over her.
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