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I had seen my father fondle my mother many times as she only wore certain dresses around the house. Outside the home, she wore low cut blouses and sli... jeans and slacks. Sometimes she wore skirts or dresses outside the home, like the times we would go to movies especially the drive-in theater. You could smell mom’s arousal from dad fondling her during the movie.I had often heard them panting and moaning early in the morning as I headed out to do my morning chores. I knew they had sex a lot, but. I lost my virginity to a 55-year-old woman. Sunanda, we’ll call her Sunanda, is my boss’s wife. I spent a lot time after school doing odd jobs for Sunanda. When things slowed down at work, my boss sent me to do yard work or make small repairs at his house. Sunanda was always there helping me out. If I was working in the yard, she would bring me something to drink. Or if I was working in the house, she would make me a snack. Sunanda was 55, but she could easily pass for 40, and if she dress up a. " I am not a sissy!" squealed Kylie."An outright disgrace," snarled Roxanne."You're hardly a picture of manhood yourself, 'Roxy'." The remark hadcome from Michelle."What you say, bitch?!" And then all hell broke loose. We descended intoa mad brawl, fists flying, legs kicking, breasts slapping, and womenshouting. A few broke down in tears. The guards came to break us up andwe dried off before heading through a small door to where a nurse waswaiting.My fears of a full-blown medical were allayed. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted her lips. I wanted her body. I wanted it all. I placed my hand on her cheek and gently kissed her. Her lips were soft and tasted like Pinot Noir. Her hand had already found it’s way to my vagina, expertly finding my clitoris and gently rubbing it. Our tongues played in each other’s mouths. Our hands explored each other’s bodies. Her fingers entered me and it pushed me over the edge. I rolled onto my back, wanting more. Her mouth found my left tit.
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