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Ahahha…..mmm………… Bhabhi was moaning and i knew that she was not in sleep . But i didnt care. I countinued my job after sometime she moaned l...udly and she opened her eyes. I didnt have any word on my lips 2 say. I was full shamed. She asked in anger” What are u doing this” i didnt say anything. She suddenly changed her anger 2 a sweet smile and said” deepak, u could ask directly 2 me . I would have given my everything to my handsone dewar.” i was shocked and i hugged her and start pressing her. It didn’t so much dull the pain as make me care less that it hurt so much. One particularly unpleasant treatment was the fecal products of the Dimietrius Worm. Described simply, they would put these creatures – that looked like a cross between a slug and a spider – on the wound and then slap them. Their immediate reaction was the fight or flight response, so they would defaecate, ready to slither/run away. The shit had to be as fresh as possible because some of the effective chemicals were. ....ooooofffff!....ooooo......ooooooo.....fffffff!" I decided to begin the torture: I put my face just a few centimeters from her pussy and stuck my tongue straight into her pussy and began licking and caressing it lightly, just barely touching it. She closed her eyes and began trembling and turning in ecstasy, "Please.....ooooohhhh! Please stop! I beg you! I.....I....can't.....take.....take.....this! ooooh!! please have mercy. And yes, I remember how excitedyou both were."Mom still had a pretty look about her. She was in her early forties anddad was a few years older. Mom looked like a movie star from the sixtiesand dad had that distinguished look men get when they gray up a little.They made a handsome couple.They were given a small cottage on the grounds and worked for the familyfor five years before I was born. The pair of them enjoyed hard work andwere happy living in America. Naturally, they hoped their son.
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