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" I said kicking him back. My small, 5' 2", 120 lbs frame was no match for his 6" and 240 lbs body but I had strength of character. I only served my m...ther. I was committed to her. Mike fell back and rolled over and out our bed. I threw his underwear at him. "Go." Mom whispered. "I can wait." "You sure mom?" I whispered back. "Don't worry my baby. You won't lose anything." she smiled gently. I urged Mike to hurry up and chased him out the house. I didn't even let him use the bathroom. If the. As I was half naked, he got on top of me. He put his arms underneath me once again and held me very close. He certainly made me a better kisser as time went on.“Well that's good,” I said.“You mean me kissing you sis?” Jeff asked.“Yes. Now will you put that cock inside your wife now?” I asked.“Oh I like that. I'll do anything for my wife,” Jeff replied.So he leaned down and slowly took off my pants completely. My underwear of course after that. But he kept his clothes on for the time being.“And. I walked out the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my head andnothing else. He was back."I see you have gotten settled in." He smiled at me looking me up anddown. When I heard his voice I was startled and without thinking I threwmy arm across my breasts and turned to the side to hide my crotch."Don't worry girlie, ain't nothing I haven't seen, Although you make aman want to dip his toes in the water. Damn your on fire." Thank you for the compliment," I said sarcastically as I ducked intothe. She was facing the mirror, saw that her chin was high, proud, her body firm but relaxed. She toyed with the crown of her bare white breast while waiting for Brian to come in.She heard him in the kitchen. She turned that way sipping her drink. He appeared in the doorway.He looked haggard, she thought. He had dark circles under his eyes, as though he had not slept well last night. He gazed flatly at her, scanning her costume.He demanded, "Why are you wearing that?" Because I like it."He scowled..
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