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“That’s probably just as well because that bra and thong ensemble had me so hard that I doubt I could have sat there much longer at any rate”, I...said smiling at her.“That’s for sure. When I sat in your lap I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to control that big guy or end up getting penetrated right there on the couch”, she laughed.On that humorous note we both finished our drinks and the talk and remembering her fashion parade had my cock stiffening under the sheets. I placed both glasses. ..lift them over your shoulders...guid your hands to my breasts...get down on my knees for you. I can't wait to taste your tartar skin. I close my eyes and I can see you spreading my legs, your head lowering between my thighs, your breath on my privates. I moan before anything even happens...just from anticipation. I shiver before anything happens...from anticipation. As I feel your lips reach my pussy... the world around me stop existing. It's spinning round... getting dark... All that exist. It was a pencil skirt, tailored to be very tight around the hips. She liked the way it showed off her figure; it was almost as good as a pair of leggings when she was walking. But it limited movement a little. And it sure seemed drafty in the office with the A/C on.She ran her hands down her hips, smoothing the lines of the skirt, and picked up her coffee mug. Time to go by I.T. and-Marta stopped. Looked around. She touched her hip again.What the fuck?There was no way. Just no way that she’d. It’s like ... a virus or cancer that just overwhelms us and robs us of our free will, our ability to make entirely independent choices. I know that sounds strange, but that’s how it is,” Aunt Tessa explained to me as I nodded.“I wondered if that might be something like that. So, in essence, those ... people are now irrevocably connected to me, entirely under my sway. They are as unable to break free of me as the Jem’hadar would be of the Founders, if you will,” I used a Star Trek Deep Space.
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