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”I smiled as I looked around, “just about any guy in this room could help you but what you want is not help but a teacher.”She blinked and then ...odded, “true.”I used my comp and pulled up her room, “I will be at your room in one hour. You can undress since first I need to teach you about hygiene.”She looked at me, “I know all about hygiene.”I smiled as I stood, “want to bet?”First I had a few bugs to place and more than one was on the prince. When I knocked on the door Sandy peeked out with her. I asked her why she stayed here as a house keeper doing menial work. She flat out told me she was as much a part of your family as you are. Her mother worked for and was friends with your grandmother, and that she and your mother grew up together. They even went to college together, and you and Sally are the only two people she considers family."I just sat and looked at him, feeling shittier by the minute, for the way I had spoken to her. I sat looking at the photos on my computer, trying to. Once finished I stopped to admire my handiwork.“Damn you Ken! Let me go! We’re too old for this stuff now!” she spat.“Oh but we’re not too old to spew Coke on each other are we? No little one, you’re going to be punished for your “crime”!”“What’s my punishment? Gonna pour Coke on me?” she mocked.“No….I was thinking the punishment should be what bad girls usually get……a good old fashioned spanking!”“Nooo! I won’t allow it! Let me go right now you beast!” she yelled with a half-serious laugh. She. Was this what they meant by cold feet? Some crazy part of her shouted…’Run.’ As far and as fast as she could. But she knew she would not. Another part of her demanded that she find another dress. Who did he think he was, controlling her? Right down to which dress she wore? But those words haunted her brain again. When he said them, the way he said them, did something to her that made her feel alive. Really and truly alive. For the first time. The honest truth was that she had not really lived.
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