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“It’s Jean,” she said as she approached the entrance. A man stepped out, standing guard.“Christ, are you ok?”No, she was pretty far from ok,...but she was alive.“I’m fine.”She moved past him, doing her best to hide her limp, and entered the restaurant. Inside, she found it full of old people and children, hiding from the predators that roamed the tunnels. The floor was covered in any kind of usable bedding, with a few candles giving light. The air was heavy with the smell of the unwashed, as well. Her hand moved along it slowly and softly stroking. Hammond could feel the smooth, hot skin of her ass as she rubbed his cock head on it. His breathing became ragged. She turned to face him once more. He kissed her sweet mouth, hungry for her. His tongue probed and explored the hot depths of her mouth, dancing with hers as she returned the kiss. His fingers found their way to her hot, wet pussy and slipped easily along her engorged lips. She gasped when he slid one finger inside. Her hand. Oh, what does it matter? There’s no one to hear, and no sound will pass these rocks.The nervous cough that shattered her rhythm was, she later concluded, absolutely inevitable. She stilled all motion, but didn’t bother to open her eyes.“Why must you be here?” she demanded. “Again?”“I ask again, Elfhelm: why are you here? Why do you follow me into the shadows, night after night? Are you so desperate for unwilling company?”The word “unwilling” hit its target even harder than she’d intended, and. She surely knew just how to please a woman and exercised her skills on me.Even as she had her jugs and pussy out there, I kept my eyes right on hers. I couldn't smile as I felt to be in shock, but she kept her's perfectly solid the whole time. My juice came out even more rapidly, and I felt like I was going to take off like a rocket.I felt her fingers also move around inside my cherry aside from just moving in and out swiftly. She seemed to have the perfect storm of sexy working for her.
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