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We both had black friends, but none of them fit what we were looking for. So, we just put our search on the back burner, and continued on with our fan...asy life. After about a year of being in our new location we were sitting on the front porch one morning enjoying some coffee, and summer weather when we noticed a silver BMW pull up to the vacant house next door. A tall, well dressed black guy got out, and walked up to the house looking a bit confused. Being nothing more than a good community. Eskia looked quickly around to orientate herself then walked towards the exit she wanted.As soon as Eskia knocked on Lolth’s door the door swung open. A busty woman barely a foot tall was swinging in the open doorway suspended from a spider’s thread. She grinned at Eskia and swung up onto the Demonette’s shoulder separating from the thread as she landed.“Ethkia!” She gasped. “I’m tho pleathed to thee you.”Eskia grinned and reached up to run her thumb over the nipple of the Imp’s tiny breast. Mera sharir ajeeb se uttejna se kanp raha tha.Usne meri munoo ko chor ker mere dono chatitiyoon ko kas kar pakra aur aik jhatke se lund aunder ker diya. Mera poora sharir dard se akar gaya mai dabi dabi aawaz me kaha shivam nikal lo bahut dard ker raha hai meri gand phat jayeegi.Magar usne kuch na kaha aur mai jitna chhootne ka pryas kar raha tha wo utna hi daboch raha tha. Phir us ne meri munno ko ooper neeche karna shuroo kiya zara hi der me mere dard me kami ho gai ab usne poocha kuch dard. You know, there ARE some things you'rebetter off not knowing the answers to, if you get my drift. I DO knowthat there's nothing illegal about this, and I DO know that this wholedeal is legitimate. That is to say, there's no crime money involved asfar as I know. In fact, I recall about two years ago, I heard that the"mob" TRIED to get a foothold here. It's my understanding that thosewho tried, ended up regretting it for a long time, and they never triedagain. Apparently, the "lesson" THEY.
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