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Well, I do&hellip, because I have them all the time! Sometimes, they turn into a story, but mostly they remain trapped inside my brain. That is,, Life of Pi was all people could talk about a few years ago. Since it was based on a bestselling Canadian novel and had a tiger as one of the main protagonists, I should have been eager to watch it, right? Wrong! For some reason, I never actually felt like taking time out of my life to watch it. But when I found it for a measly $4.88. Still, the prospect of being caned was making her pussy wet.Olivia saw Jenny’s apparent reluctance but knew it was false. She glared at Jenny, flexed the cane in her hands, and ordered, “Get your dress up above your waist, your knickers down to your knees, and bend over and grab the seat of the chair.”Jenny swallowed hard as she stood in front of the chair and did as she was told. First she rolled her dress up to her waist, then edged her thumbs in to the waistband of her knickers and pushed. I followed.I watched as he parked at the extreme end of the lot with no one around save a couple of RVs and sleeping big rigs. I noted that he had rolled down the windows on both driver and passenger side as he moved in to his space and once halted in the space he turned off his engine and then hit his brake lights twice. Off to the races. I pulled in next to him on his passenger side and had my window down. He looked, smiled and gave me a “come hither” nod. I was out of my car and sitting on. She then took the keys to all of my locks, and attached them to thecharm necklace I was wearing. "Those are your charms sissy. If you want out, just go ahead andtake the keys and let yourself go." She said with a smile. She touched a button on the laptop, and I noticed a countdown timerstarting at 25:00 and counting backwards toward 0. She kissed me onthe head, pushed my head down, and closed the lid. I then heard theunmistakable sound of a padlock, locking in a hasp. I could see out through.
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