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I started thinking about the places I used to go when I was in high school and that’s when I remembered. There was an arcade on the other side of to...n where we used to go to hangout that was always crowded. I raced over, parked the van in a lot behind this strip mall where the arcade was and practically ran in. It was just as packed as when I was going there. Unfortunately, there seemed to be almost as many girls as guys. I scanned the place quickly and didn’t see anyone who was obviously alone. So what? Iwasn't embarrassed. It was normal.The guy across the street was washing his car. I watched that absentlyfor a while, enjoying the beer.Then Mr. Crabtree came out of his front door carrying a bagful ofrubbish to the wheelie bin. I narrowed my eyes.He didn't notice me at first and I just watched him, but when he didspot me he looked alarmed, as though he was worried the girl-me had toldthe man-me about what a bastard he'd been.He broke eye contact immediately and hurried back up his. " Sam. You know damn well you could have kept your mouth shut if you wanted to. You two wait here. I'll be back in a few minutes."I got my shorts, went down to the garage and put them in the washer. On the way in, I stopped off in the kitchen. Mom was at the sink washing dishes. I came up behind her, wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her hair away from her neck with the other hand. I gently breathed on, then kissed her neck about 3" below her right ear. She sucked in a breath as her. It felt very liberating and a bit naughty too. “Yes, yes I do. It’s wonderful. I don’t know why I haven’t done it before.”“Then c’mon, let’s walk around the pond and back.”We were just walking across the dam when I heard a helicopter approaching. I’d totally forgotten about the helicopters. Our property was in the flight path of training flights from the nearby army base. They always flew over our place just above the tops of the trees. “Shit, an army helicopter is coming. What do we do?” I.
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