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She wiggled sexily as my hand moved upwards onto the almost naked curves of her bottom and a finger pressed lightly against the narrow strip of lace b...tween her cheeks."You know mum?" I said softly as my finger followed the delicate material as far as I could between her legs, "You've got a gorgeous little bum"She blushed prettily and my heart lurched as she looked up at me and laughed,"Wait there a minute" she whispered and darted away through the crowd.I ordered another drink and she was. I wasn't sure whom he expected me to meet here. Maybe he was afraid I would get little Yeti-babies. But while I was preparing dinner for the five of us – hacking away on the carrots with the biggest knife I had found – and sulking about my celibate status my gaze wandered to the window. My oldest brothers, Will and Sam, 29 and 26 respectively, were hacking some wood for the fireplace in the living room. Both had gotten rid of their jackets due to the hard work and I had a perfect view of Will's. I couldn't believe this was a conversation between girls their age!! I guess I never gave much thought to the fact that at 14, they had already discovered a few things..."It didn't taste like anything, really- it was just warm and big and I couldn't get it all in my mouth. He wanted me to let him screw me too, but I had to go, so I didn't." Were you gonna let him?" I might let him sometime. It looks like fun..." again, she smiled... "you just let them put their thing in here-" pointing to her. Beautiful, delicate, almost fragile, she seemed to me. She had rolled back onto her stomach, onto the towel, and was squirming against the bonds that held her in place.Just as suddenly, a surge of guilt hit me at what I had done to her. It seemed almost wrong to feel the affection and love I had for her, seeing as how I'd forced myself onto her in the way I had.I quickly reminded myself that this had been mostly her idea anyway. And yet, the nagging voice in my head asked whether her consent.
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