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Ab mne raat ka intjar karne lag meera second floor par servant room mne rheti he jo mere room ke thik upar he mane uske room ki window par ek chota sa...ghnogru ka set bandh kar uski dori apni window par bandh li thi. Raat 11pm mane jab dekha ki sub so gae hne or chachi chachu se chud rahiHe to mane dori khinch di or meera dabe per neeche mere room mne aa gai jise ate may be chachi ne dekh lia tha fir mane apna room band kar ke meera jo abhi mere bed ke pass khdi thi ko appni bahno mne bhar lia. .. please?”Mom took me by the hand and got us both out of the room, got me on my back in their room, and first thing, cleaned my dick off using her lips and mouth. Besides satisfying us both, she promptly got on me, now hard, and started fucking me from on top.She might be a bit zaftig, but, she is still a magnificently beautiful woman, with long blonde hair to her elbows. Her breasts were bigger than Lynn’s, but that only meant, there was more to grab and suck on, which I did. Her nipples were. I squirm and try to get away but a strong arm embraces me quickly and tightly. I feel the brush of fingertips along my lace panties, skirting them down and off my legs and feet depositing them somewhere below. The feel of soft kisses and nuzzling facial hair calms me slightly, the grazing teeth along my earlobe and jaw stirring me deep in my tummy making me feel hot all over. The tell-tail sound of a zipper and denim being pushed and fumbled around is screaming in my hypersensitive ears. A. ”Come’ is supposed…’ ‘You’re not allowed in there unless a dancer takes you in, buddy-boy!’ she scolded. ‘I’m Roxy. I’ll go in with you if you like.’ ‘You don’t understand. Kim was waiting for me in here, but she’s gone. Her things are still here, though.’ ‘Really?’ Roxy said. ‘Why would she leave her stuff in there?’ ‘I don’t know. Is there a safe place to put it? I spent a lot of money on her, I want HER to have it, not some thief.’ ‘I’ll put it in her locker,’ Roxy said, going in the room to.
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