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“All boring Adi! I often feel like sex and by the time I get to bed, he would have finished a few drinks. But never does he over drink. I lie down b...side him and switch off the light, and in the darkness, I take off my dress and get nude and cover myself with a blanket. He would switch off his laptop too and lie down”“What does he wear to sleep?”“Pyjamas and bare top”“But tell me about his cock”“Nothing much Adi. About ten years back he used to get rock hard. Now also he gets fairly hard but. " Fear had been a permanent look on my face as I told myself it wasn't real. My head simply shut down. I had a dream that the world was way different, big black alpha males, women and sissy's were the three genders on the planet. Only the sissy's served both male and female. Never using the equipment god gave them for pleasure. They were for simple service to satisfy the master. Shocked by this I was awake again.A cooling sensation was now on my ass and spread generously. I could feel it drip. I saw the sores right away. I turned to face a wall with two large bookcases and whispered. A book floated to me; I opened it and flipped pages before I started to read. When I was done, I closed the book and stood. I moved to her and smiled as I caressed her hips, "Relax."I closed my eyes as I began to chant and push my power into the spell. I heard her groan as I continued and finally finished. I opened my eyes and looked down her body before I looked into her face. She smiled and kissed me. She felt her resistance crumbling. So her time was up, it had been good, and with her legs weakening, she crumpled against him.“Listen,” he said, his voice suddenly warm and caring. “Yes I am a Formatter and you are a generation five Aiform, but you’ve nothing to fear. Honestly, I’ve got you cleared already. You’re off the hook. I’ve had it with this shitty job, so calm down! I was pretty sure in the first hour who you were, but listen! I’m serious. You really are safe with me!”It was a.
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