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She looked at Neil. She felt sorry for him, not in a condescending way; she still loved him and always would. It was just that he was way out of his d...pth and she wondered if he would be able to take all that Karl was capable of dishing out. “Would you mind taking your wife’s panties off for me please, Neil?” Neil cleared his throat as he stood up and came around the table to them. Karl pulled his hand away and pulled her nightdress right back. Neil’s hands were shaking as he pushed his. " I mumbled to myself, examining the latex belt which was now skintight."WEARER VOICE REGISTERED," said the belt.I jumped - the belt had a harsh, robotic voice... possibly in keeping with the retro styling. Sherekan padded into the room, licking his lips having eaten his food, and curled up in his favourite spot on the sofa. I stroked him under the chin before returning my attention to the belt. I wondered what on earth it could do that required voice commands from a registered wearer."Belt,. She was now gently guiding me down her sexy body to her freshly-fucked pussy… obviously wanting me lick her. Not only had I just fucked her and shot a load of cum deep inside, but the challenge was that even though I had just licked her BF’s creampie, prior to fucking her myself, she did not necessarily know that I knew about her slutty behavior. This was decision time: If I licked her, she would know that I enjoyed clean-up and the taste of cum. She might also inadvertently assume that I. ” I started kissing her gagged lips noisily, “Any kind of pleading through your gag will not stop me from stripping you.” I then cupped her young breasts from below, locked my fingers over them and squeezed them tightly through her uniform, “and any kind of sobbing and crying…” I lowered my face into her right ear and said slowly, “ … will not stop me from raping you.” I licked the insides of her ear with my fevered tongue while my hands continued to squish her young breasts. I couldn’t wait to.
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