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They were both about five feet six inches tall and about a hundred and ten pounds. They had brown shoulder length hair, B-cup breasts, and they both to tease the hell out of me sexually.One day Sandy was lying on the couch when I entered the room. She was on her side with her knees together watching television. Her short miniskirt had rode up her hips and ass nicely exposing her entire ass to me.I just had to ask, “Are you wearing panties?”Sandy replied, “Yes.”Then I watched her as she. Not only did you mess up our evening, but you also had me worried that something happened to you. But no, you’re just high and in your silly, little world.’He blushed and wanted to protest, but he lacked coherency. He turned around then, in search of his phone that he wanted to blame for this cluster fuck. Then he remembered he had put it on silence when he was in the forest this afternoon. He turned back to the doorway where Louise was still standing.‘Don’t worry,’ he said, ‘I’ll take you.’As. Sam thinks Danny is straight and Danny thinks Sam is straight.One day, I called Sam and asked if we can go to the river for a swim. He agreed and I asked if I may call Danny too. He said that if I call Danny, then we both cannot have fun together. But I convinced him and I called Danny.I took my towel and went to Sam’s home and Danny was already there. They also took their towels and soap. We went straight to the river. As I had sex with Sam before on the River, he knew the safe spots. But. Kay took it all in good humor and laughed the comments off, yet enjoying the attention from him. That was Joe – a lady’s man. One who clearly had the ability to make a woman comfortable in his presence, as well as very, very wet. It didn’t take long for Kay to warm up to the whole flirting scene with Joe despite him being taken. She told herself it was innocent and harmless fun to pass the night shift in a gloomy prison. Besides, she flirted and teased many of the other men here anyway and some.
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